Discover a seasoned team of experts who come from every corner of industry. Education gurus. Culture gurus, Business leaders, Physical health experts. All dedicated to applying their decades of experience to bettering your childs education.


Mr Matemayi

Mr Matemayi is the headmaster at Brookside International School.


Mrs Zenda

Mrs Zenda- Secretary

ECD A Teacher

Ms Tinavapi

Ms Tinavapi – ECD A Teacher

ECD B Teacher

Mrs Joseph

Mrs Joseph – ECD B Teacher

Grade 2 Teacher

Ms Mukahanana

Ms Mukahanana- Grade 2 Teacher

Grade 5 Teacher

Mr Nyagura

Mr Nyagura – Grade 5 Teacher

Portuguese teacher

Ms Murindamombe

Ms Murindamombe- Portuguese

Music Teacher

Mr Mhlanga

Mr Mhlanga – Music Teacher

Business Manager

Mrs Mutunduwe

Mrs Mutunduwe- Business Manager.


Mrs Kanyimo

Mrs Kanyimo – Secretary.

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Chikoto

Mrs Chikoto – Nursery Teacher

Grade 1 Teacher

Ms Phiri

Ms Phiri – Grade 1 Teacher

Grade 4 Teacher

Ms Dhlamini

Ms Dhlamini – Grade 4 Teacher

Grade 6 Teacher

Mr Zimbiti

Mr Zimbiti – Grade 6 Teacher

French teacher

Mr Gambiza

Mr Gambiza – French

PE Teacher

Mr Waladi

Mr Waladi – PE Teacher